Claiming from the UIF TERS Fund during the National Lockdown

Claiming from the UIF can be the headache that none of us need, but during this time, you’ll find yourself scrambling for time just to get this done so that your employees can get paid.


Our payroll consulting division has been assisting clients from all over the country with claiming from the UIF TERS Fund, regardless of the number of employees that you have. We will load each of your employees, verify information and ensure that each employee is submitted on you behalf. Once the submission is complete, we will continue to monitor the submission to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Need assistance with your claim?

Give us a call now

Our consultants are standing by to assist you with your TERS Claim call us now on 087 700 5264 or email team@greytech.pro.


How long does the UIF take to pay out?

Lately we have seen that payouts are taking between 24 and 48 hours to be completed. This, however, is not guaranteed.

What documents will you need from me?

We will require some payroll documents and company information, our consultants will advise you of all the documents required.

How much do you charge for this?

Our standard hourly consulting rates apply, less a 10% discount.

How long will you take to submit our claim?

We try and submit claims on the date they are received by us. This, of course, is completely dependent on the number of claims we have to submit at that time. We will keep you informed throughout the process.